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Links to podcasts of varying topics, including blogging, cyber safety, marketing, press release optimization and social media.



Marketing   David Meerman Scott - New Marketing & PR   David Meerman Scott discusses the old and
New Rules of Marketing & PR and the benefits of
creating and publishing your own content as a
marketing tool.

Blogging Dennis Weed - Blogging Dennis Weed, founder of ErieBlogs.com dives into
what it takes to create and maintain content that
keeps bloggers coming back for more.
Blogging Erica DeWolf - Blogging Erica DeWolf, a fanatical blogger and creator of the
eMarketing & New Media blog, shares the benefits
of blogging, RSS and social networking.
Blogging Jennifer Robinson - Blogging  Jennifer Robinson, a local blogger who contributes
to newlycorporate.com, thejenson.com and others,
discusses the ability to reach, connect and
communicate through blogging.
Cyber Safety   Bill Shore - Cybercrime Prevention  Hackers and viruses cost businesses millions, exposing
financial records and violating customer privacy on a
daily basis. Special Agent Bill Shore, supervisor of the
FBI's Computer Crimes Squad in Pittsburgh, provides
tips on how to protect your business from cybercrime.
Marketing Holly Buchanan - Persuasion Architecture  What is persuasion architecture? Holly Buchanon, a
consultant for Future Now, Inc., describes persuasion
architecture and the importance of aligning marketing
efforts through the customer's point of view.
Press Release
Getting the Low Down with Justin Seibert  Justin Seibert, the founder and President of Direct 
Online Marketing in Wheeling, WV, discusses what 
press release optimization is, its importance in online
marketing and how to acheive successful press release
optimization in your company.
Social Media  Getting the Buzz with Dana VanDenHeuvel Dana VanDenHeuvel is a widely recognized expert on
blogging, podcasting, RSS, Internet communities and
interactive marketing trends.  In this podcast, he talks
about how companies from a variety of industries can 
best use digital marketing to market themselves and 
create a sustainable advantage in an economic


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