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Creative Aerobics Workshop

Instructor: Dr. Arpan Yagnik

Light Reception Immediately Following - Erie Art Museum, 20 East 5th Street, Erie PA 16507

$25.00 Members $20

Creative Aerobics Workshop

ATE Experience logo FB event cover Creativity is the very essence of a perpetual tinkerer. Creativity and creative individuals are highly valued in the society for their path-breaking contributions (or otherwise referred to as disruptive contributions these days). Creativity is the most desired skill of the 21st century.

This session introduces you to Creative Aerobics, which is a creative ideation system. Creative Aerobics is a set of four interconnected mental exercises that enable and empower you to optimally utilize the left and the right side of your brain to access novel ideas and solutions that were previously available but not accessible.

Creative Aerobics allows an individual to get in touch with his inner creativity and unleash his creative potential. Creative Aerobics shifts the focus from the outcome to the process. This shift is key as it reduces the stress and makes the process unbelievably enjoyable. By using creative aerobics, you choose the best possible idea or solution from a large set of potential solutions instead of coming up with one perfect solution.

Creative Aerobics is quick, crazy and fun making it ideal for the 21st century creative, startup, entrepreneur, ready to "Think Differently" in a tech enabled change economy.

How You Will Benefit:

  • Become a better problem-solver
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Enter your happy zone
  • Develop more confidence in your instincts
  • Become better at managing expectations and time

As a Result of this Session, You Will be Able to...

  • Demonstrate enhanced ability to generate ideas
  • Define the role of creativity in their organization
  • Defeat fear and demonstrate more confidence in their instincts

Meet the instructor

Dr. Yagnik is a Creativity Guru. He mentors’ organizations and individuals to optimize change by using creativity. He is a published author and a TEDx speaker. He is a much sought-after speaker who delivers—and also designs—life-changing techniques, challenges the human mind, and accelerates personal and professional growth. He has designed and delivered over thirty high-impact talks on Creativity in three different continents in the past three years. Dr. Yagnik has diverse experience of working in academia, industry, as well as an entrepreneur and has an incredible flair of connecting the invisible dots between the three.

His motto is Action Inspired By Creativity.

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