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Developing an Intellectual Property Strategy for Your Company


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Developing an Intellectual Property Strategy for Your Company

Developing an intellectual property (IP) strategy that can drive business value for your early-stage, high-growth, company is a critical but often overlooked activity.  IP, in its many forms, defines what differentiates a company from its competition.  The overall business strategy must drive the strategic development and acquisition of IP assets.  Business owners must develop an IP strategy that augments their business strategy and rely on their legal counsel to implement that strategy.  In this session, learn the basics of what IP is, what an IP strategy is, and how to build an IP strategy based on your business strategy and what makes your company unique.   

The session starts at 9:30 AM and will run for about an hour.  The session is free; however, registration is required.  We’re making the content available via webinar and you still have the opportunity to participate at a LaunchLINK location and benefit from networking and information available at your host site.  We’ll see you on December 11!


Meet the instructor

Sreekar Gadde, the Executive Director for BlueTree Allied Angels, leverages his background in engineering, law, and business to identify and analyze early-stage companies for potential investment opportunities.  In addition, he assists management teams of early- and mid-stage companies in developing an IP strategy that complements the company’s business strategy.  Prior to joining BlueTree, Sree worked as an IP litigator and an IP prosecutor at two top law firms, Ropes and Gray and Sterne Kessler, as well as Assistance Chief IP Counsel for Dynamics, Inc.  In addition, he was a validation engineer and team lead for Intel’s microprocessor design business unit. 


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