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E-marketing Resources: E-marketing Education, Webinars, Podcasts, Whitepapers

At the Ben Franklin Learning Center in Erie, Pa., you can enhance your knowledge and skills on your own schedule. Our Webinars, podcasts and whitepapers are available 24/7 to support and facilitate the growth of your businesses.

Links to associations with information, research, and opportunities to attend events related to e-marketing. 

Links to various blogs by industry experts regarding the latest updates in the e-marketing arena, strategies for implementing e-marketing and more.

Chat Transcripts
Links to live chats with industry experts on such topics as email deliverability, press release optimization and search engine marketing.

Ecommerce Forum
We place links to our best finds and share uploads from relevant events so you will always have access.   

E-marketing Uncovered Articles
Links to articles on e-marketing topics, like Internet advertising, that have been referenced in the Ben Franklin Learning Center's digital newsletter.

Links to glossaries on e-marketing terms and definitions.

Links to podcasts of varying topics some of our own include blogging, cyber safety, marketing and other authorities.

Links to presentations from seminars on topics such as how to be successful in marketing.

Links to Web sites that provide tools for creating Web sites, e-mail delivery, SEO ranking, keywords, help with public relations activities, as well as help with calculating conversion rates, and much more.

Videos varying in topics like search engines and more.

Links to Webinars about cyber safety, e-marketing, Web conferencing and more.

Web Sites
Important Web sites with information on a variety of topics including e-commerce, Web design and marketing sites.

A listing of links to whitepapers on search engines and social media.

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