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Important Web sites with information on a variety of topics including e-commerce, Web design and marketing sites.




E-commerce   MultiChannel Merchant     This Web site offers information regarding various marketing
channels (print, Web, cross-channel, etc.) and how to use
them effectively.
E-commerce  Practical eCommerce      Practical eCommerce provides down-to-earth articles and
advice to help smaller businesses succeed online using the
Web site, podcasts, a printed magazine and email newsletter.
Marketing  Marketing Profs  Marketing Profs provides members with practical marketing
tools and information in many forms, including articles, online
seminars, case studies, workshops, templates, benchmark
survey reports, buyer's guides and though-leader panel
Marketing Marketing Sherpa  Marketing Sherpa is a research firm specializing in tracking
what works in all aspects of marketing (and what does not). 
All their research is published for the entire Marketing Sherpa
community to benefit from.  Their goal -- to give marketers 
of the world the stats, inspiration and instructions to improve
their results.
Marketing                           Media Post  Media Post is an online community for media marketing and
advertising professionals.
Online Marketing News
& Information
WebProNews     WebProNews is a comprehensive resource for news,
information and tips related to online business.  It covers the
latest developments in search engines, search engine
optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social
media marketing, advertising and online branding.
Online Marketing News
& Information
SiteProNews  SiteProNews is a free e-newsletter and resource site for
Webmasters and is updated daily.  SitProNews focuses on
meeting the needs of novice and professional Webmasters
by providing the best collection of software tools, general
resources and expert articles available on the Web today.
Online Marketing News
& Information
Wilson Web  Dr. Ralph Wilson formed Wilson Internet Services at the very 
beginning of the commercial Internet in 1995 to help small to 
medium businesses and organizations learn how to use the
Internet effectively.  This site and his e-newsletter have
become some of the leading trusted resources for online
marketing advice.
SEM Newsletter             High Rankings  The High Rankings Advisor is an informative and witty free 
with over 25,500 subscribers, written by Jill
Whalen. Jill keeps no secrets when it comes to search
marketing and optimizing sites for high rankings.
Web Design  Web Design Toolbox  A community where peers share knowledge about Web design.

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