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Connecting the Dots in Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Presenter: Ron Mattocks

Pre-Recorded Webinar

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Connecting the Dots in Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

If your company could increase its sales conversion rate at a higher dollar amount and shorter sales cycle, would you do it? These are several of the consistent benefits B2B companies are witnessing after shifting to Account-Based Marketing or ABM. What is ABM? 

Simply put, ABM is a strategy that directs a company’s marketing resources towards engaging with a specific set of targeted accounts. Instead of casting a wide net associated with lead-generation efforts, companies can sync their sales and marketing efforts to identify key prospects and then tailor customized marketing programs and messaging that speak directly to the needs of those target accounts.

This account-focused approach is actually nothing new. Many companies have been practicing it for years. What then has changed? What has revived a renewed interest in ABM? In a word – technology. As opposed to even five years ago, new software, data, and analytics tools have enabled companies to gather relevant lead intelligence, recognize buying signals, and engage target accounts in more meaningful and effective ways. What’s more, these tools allow companies to scale ABM efforts which previously were costly, resource-intensive, and time consuming.

While ABM is appealing, many companies, however, are uncertain about how to connect the dots when if comes to devising and implementing an ABM strategy that delivers results. In this presentation, Bull Moose Marketing’s VP of Client Strategy, Ron Mattocks outlines the fundamental steps necessary for building an effective ABM program.

Over the course of this session, attendees will be introduced to ABM and its benefits as well as how to get stakeholder buy-in and align sales and marketing teams. Attendees will then be walked through how to implement an ABM strategy using the TEAM (Target, Engage, Activate, and Measure) format. This will include determining and prioritizing target accounts, a high-level overview of various ABM tactics, and the categories of software tools necessary for an impactful ABM program.    

Topics Covered:

  • Defining Account-Based Marketing, its potential benefits, and its relevance
  • The difference between Account-Based Marketing and targeted lead generation
  • Getting stakeholder buy-in, building an internal team, and syncing sales and marketing efforts
  • Structuring an ABM program and plan that everyone understands before implementation
  • How to identify target accounts and prioritize engagement and personalized messaging
  • The operational elements of ABM
  • The three major types of ABM and high-level tactics used for each
  • Categories of ABM software tools by purpose and capability
  • Measuring ABM impact through KPIs

Benefits of this Session:

  • Gain a broad understanding of Account-Based Marketing and business benefits
  • Get a structured approach to implementing an effective ABM program
  • Realize better margins and higher sales conversions through marketing efforts that show ROI
  • Improving effectiveness through the aligned efforts of sales and marketing working together
As a result of this session, you'll be able to:
  1. Build an effective ABM strategy using a structured approach with stakeholder buy-in
  2. Recognize how to identify what accounts to target
  3. Align sales and marketing efforts
  4. Understand what tactics to use based on what type of ABM they employ
  5. Understand the capabilities of various software tools and recognize which tools best meet your needs


Meet the presenter

A native of Northwest Pennsylvania, Ron Mattocks is the co-owner and VP of Client Strategy at Bull Moose Marketing. After serving as a Captain in the United States Army he worked at a national home builder in executive roles in Operations, Purchasing, and Sales and Marketing. This later lead to a focus on digital marketing and opportunities for projects with companies like ConAgra, Proctor and Gamble, GMC, and others. In 2017, Ron returned to his hometown of Meadville to co-found Bull Moose Marketing, offering strategies and services to B2B companies. He is a published author and has been a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, the TODAY Show, and other national publications. He graduated from St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas and is active on several boards within the community.

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