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Content Marketing & How to Measure KPIs & ROI

Presenter: Josh Curcio

Pre-Recorded Webinar

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Content Marketing & How to Measure KPIs & ROI

If you’re already engaged with a content marketing strategy or are planning one, you better know how to measure success. As with most digital strategies, the data is there, but data alone isn’t enough…you must know what’s important, how to analyze it, and understand whether you’re achieving a positive ROI (return on investment). Josh is going to show you how!

You’ll learn what metrics are important from a day-to-day perspective vs which are important to look at overtime. You’ll better understand how to look at the data to monitor trends, but then also use that data to make informed decisions going forward. You will also discover tools that will help you visualize and report on KPIs (key performance indicators) so you can easily understand performance at a glance. Finally, you will have a clear pathway to calculate actual ROI for both your financial and time resources.

This class is for those with a beginner and intermediate knowledge of content marketing and web analytics or for those with a expert level knowledge of content marketing, but want to better understand and measure the data.

List Topics Covered

  • Overview of Content Marketing Today
  • Technology and Set-Up to Gather Data
  • Reviewing and Analyzing Data to Calculate Performance and ROI

Benefits of this session:

  • Have confidence whether your content marketing is working or not
  • Better understand marketing data without wasting time on irrelevant metrics
  • Convince stakeholders to continually invest in your marketing strategies
As a result of this session, you will be able to:
  1. Better understand performance metrics that matter
  2. Save time when measuring the performance of content marketing
  3. Allocate and use marketing dollars as dictated by performance
  4. Easily report content marketing performance to stakeholders

Meet the presenter

Josh Curcio is VP and partner of protocol 80, Inc., an inbound marketing agency located in Bradford, PA. Josh has helped businesses of all sizes succeed online, from Fortune 500s to small local businesses. Josh is Inbound Marketing certified, HubSpot certified, and AdWords certified. Day-to-day, Josh is usually working on inbound marketing, website creation, project management, and client communication. His specialties include Content Marketing, Lead Generation, Hubspot, and Google AdWords.

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