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Customer Discovery in the Digital Age

Presenter: Cathy von Birgelen
Presenter: Live Q & A with Ben Franklin TechCelerator Business Coach Bob Dornich
Presenter: Roger Dagan Business Coach

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What attendees are saying

"Thank you for the outstanding presentation, it was full of so much interesting and useful information! I learned so much about customer discovery and solving problems that I will be able to use."
- Peggy Bird

Customer Discovery in the Digital Age

Every business begins and grows based on the answer to two questions.

  1. Who is your customer?
  2. What is the problem your product or service solves for these customers?

The customer discovery process begins by querying potential customer segments and getting feedback to all the issues they bring to your attention. The insights you gain help to create ideal customer personas and value propositions.

Customer Discovery done properly takes time. In this session, Cathy will show you how to begin the process using online resources and tools for researching, surveying, interviewing and listening to gain valuable feedback while also creating persona models.


  • Receive a step-by-step process on how to begin your customer discovery
  • Learn what type of questions will help you understand your target customer
  • Obtain a list of research tools and resources at your fingertips
  • Learn how to easily create a persona model

 Listen to Q&A with TechCelerator Business Coaches 

After Attending You Will Be Able To:

  • To implement your customer discovery research and identify your ideal customer
  • Determine the need for something even if that product or service does not yet exist
  • Develop persona models based on your customer discovery findings
  • Take the next step to your positioning and messaging that aligns with your target customer
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Meet the presenter

Cathy von Birgelen is the executive director of the Ben Franklin Learning Center. She is a certified email marketing professional and strategic marketing consultant with more than 20 years of experience in e-marketing and business development efforts. She has consulted with a wide range of regional and national clients including, General Electric, (GE) Choice Hotels, Proctor & Gamble, Holcombs, Howard Industries, Troyer Farms, Gannon University, Blair, Penn State Erie – The Behrend College and many more.


Live Q&A with the Bob & Roger,  Business Coaches from Ben Franklin's TechCelerator 

Meet the presenter

Bob Dornich is the Business Incubator Director and Entrepreneur Coach for Ben Franklin Technology Partners TechCelerator. An entrepreneur himself, Bob has owned eight businesses ranging from computer forensics to equipment leasing to retail and foodservice, so he understands a wide range of business models and what it’s like to start up. Bob also has been in the coaching profession for decades. He was a soccer player for the US Air Force as well as a minor division team in Germany. Then he began coaching youth soccer in State college in the 80s and continued coaching throughout the years including the Penn State Club team.

Meet the presenter

Roger Dagen has had over 40 years of business experience since graduating with a BSB and MBA degrees from U of Minn.  Roger’s experience in small, medium and large business operations extends from accounting, to financial planning and management, to operations and production management.  Roger has also served as the Director of Penn State’s  MBA Program.


The Ben Franklin TechCelerators

When an entrepreneur needs help taking an idea to the next level in Pennsylvania, there are few better places to get assistance than in one of the Ben Franklin Technology Partners offices. One of the ways Ben Franklin assists entrepreneurs and business across the commonwealth is through its startup accelerator program, The TechCelerator. The TechCelerator provides entrepreneurs or businesses with business training and mentorship and, in some instances, funding to advance their ideas.

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