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Digital Marketing: Thriving Past the Pandemic - PART 1: Search Engine Optimization, Content, Data

Presenter: Chris Nash

Pre-Recorded Webinar

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Digital Marketing: Thriving Past the Pandemic - PART 1: Search Engine Optimization, Content, Data

Unless your business is an essential business supporting the stay at home / work from home economy, you are struggling to keep the customers you have much less finding new ones. The current pandemic environment will not last forever. Now is the time for getting your digital marketing and growth strategy right and be prepared to pull ahead of your competition as the world reopens for business.

The Current State of Marketing - Why Now
  • The Current State of Marketing - Why Now?
  • You Should advertise during normal times, and you MUST advertise during difficult times
  • SEO and Paid Marketing Opportunities
  • What are companies doing differently? Shipping Wine, Deliveries
  • New Normal!! - Digital Transformation. How are YOU going to do it?
  • Must create the demand (Special deals, Coupons, etc)
  • How do you change your Business Model to adapt?
What You'll Learn
State of SEO 2020 - SEO Refresher - How has SEO Evolved?
  • Why SEO Now?
  • The Largest and Most Most Recent SEO Changes
  • Mobile First Index!
  • Voice Search! - Mobile
  • Content is Everywhere! So how does Google figure out what is important?
  • You can’t FAKE out google (AI, Rank Brain)
  • EAT - Google's Expertise, Authority, Trust(EAT) guidelines used to identify top performing websites
  • Free Product Listing Ads Grants, Gov’t Money

Writing SEO Content that Ranks

  • Site Architecture / Content Isolation
  • Make Content Digestible
  • Structure for Google (Headings, TOC, Jump Links, Answers)

Top SEO Ranking Factors

  • Content - type, format, style 
  • Backlinks
  • Mobile Optimization / Mobile index
  • Why Technical SEO is Important

What is Tech SEO

  • Structured Data
  • Your Site Won't Rank without It. See how!

Measuring Results

  • How-to monitor and measure key metrics to determine outcomes tied to business goals

How You Will Benefit

  • Gain clear understanding how search engines have evolved and how to align your digital marketing to achieve actionable goals
  • You will be able to establish SEO and content marketing best practices for your owned digital media assets
  • Improve your website based on current ranking factors now in play
  • Understand the ecosystem to effectively manage internal/external digital marketing teams
  • Develop a competitive advantage strategy

Who Should Attend

  • Marketers
  • Practitioners
  • Marketing students and enthusiasts
  • Startups
  • Entrepreneurs



Meet the presenter

Chris Nash is an Internet and SEO marketing expert, e-commerce veteran, and entrepreneur with over 20 years of digital, web, and sales experience. He co-founded the second largest e-commerce dancewear company, AllAboutDance.com, in 1999, acquired a major competitor in 2008, and sold the business in 2010 to the world's largest online discount dance wear retailer. Chris is currently utilizing his proven experience in digital marketing, SEO, and e-commerce across a variety of internet based companies. Chris has run, co-founded or invested in a number of start-ups and other businesses including LSEO.com - a full service SEO and digital marketing agency, where he currently serves as President.
Above all else, Chris is passionate about technology. His favorite quote: "It's a very funny thing about life. If you refuse to accept anything less than the best, you very often get it!" ... and here is a little Fun Fact: Chris' step-dad, Anthony Archer-Wills, is the Pool Master on Animal Planet's TV show!

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