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Financing for Startups with Brian Slawin

Presenter: Brian Slawin

Thursday May 18, 2023

10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
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Financing for Startups with Brian Slawin

In this presentation, entrepreneurs will learn hot to talk with and engage investors and how to go from first conversations to first check. Additionally, attendees will get the chance to create their own and learn from others on how to build a successful elevator pitch. And, while starting up a company is both fun and a challenge, avoiding the “Valley of Death” is absolutely critical to go from idea to exit. As part of that process, attendees will understand the types of investments that are available, which are best for their specific opportunity and ultimately, why so many successful entrepreneurs are invested in and mentored by the Ben Franklin Technology PArtners. Finally, attendees will learn and better understand the most important criteria to assure startup and small business success and how they can bend the odds in their favor.

List Topics Covered

  • How to Talk with and Engage Investors
  • How to Go from First Conversation to First Check
  • Avoiding the Startup “Valley of Death”
  • The Ben Franklin Due Diligence and Investment Process
  • Why Some Types of Investments are Better than Others and How to Determine Which are Right For You

Benefits of this session

  1. Learn the secrets of engaging and getting investment from investor which includes creating an impactful elevator pitch.
  2. The “13 Critical Questions” every entrepreneur needs to know the answers to.
  3. Understand how to communicate “Why you?, Why this?, Why now? And . . . Who cares?
As a result of your participation and experience in this program, you'll be able to:
  • Develop and deliver an impactful elevator pitch and how to talk with and engage investors.
  • Understand the key elements and develop answers to the “13 Critical Questions” every entrepreneur needs to know the answers to.

Meet the presenter

A serial technology entrepreneur with several successful exits, Brian Slawin is now a director and portfolio manager for the nation's most impactful early stage investor: the Ben Franklin Technology Partners. In his role, Brian identifies, mentors, and invests in startup and accelerating companies and directly participates in dozens of investments annually. By leveraging the "No Wrong Door" approach to network partner collaboration, Brian helps entrepreneurs start their ideas and take their companies to the next level. 

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