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Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing Advertising - Part One

Presenter: Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing, Led by: Chris Park

Pre-Recorded Webinar

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Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing Advertising - Part One

Affiliate Marketing is a great way for businesses both large and small to not only obtain additional sales, but to find new customers, widen brand awareness and increase their online footprint.

You have products to sell and a great website, but how do you help customers who are ready to buy find you?  You have a tight marketing budget, and don’t want to spend it only to find out once the campaign is over that it was a failure.

Your Business Needs an Affiliate Program.

What makes affiliate marketing so great is the fact that a business only pays when a desired action takes place. Typically, that action is a sale, but programs can be set up to reward partners for information requests, mailing list additions, etc.

You’ll hear it again and again. Affiliate marketing is all about relationships – the relationship between the advertiser (that’s you), the affiliate (also known as the publisher) and the consumer. The age-old concept is so easy, and that’s what makes affiliate marketing so successful.

List Topics Covered:
  • Introduction to affiliate marketing advertising
  • First Steps Creating an affiliate program
  • Choosing an affiliate network or keeping it in house
  • Common performance based compensation models
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Understanding the Types of affiliates
  • Approving and on-boarding affiliates
  • Affiliate marketing best practices
You Will Learn
  • How affiliate marketing advertising works for a business
  • The ins and outs of affiliate marketing and why thousands of companies have them
  • What is necessary to set up an affiliate program
  • How to decide which affiliate network, or an in-house program, is right for you
  • Understand how to set up an affiliate marketing program
  • How to pay your affiliates
  • Important terms & conditions you need to decide as part of your agreement policies

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Meet the presenter

Christopher Park has been managing affiliate programs for the past 20 years. He made the move to the agency side in 2017, and is currently a Senior Affiliate Manager at JEBCommerce - a leading affiliate marketing OPM agency. JEBCommerce received the Pinnacle Award for OPM Agency of the Year in 2019. Prior to his agency work, Chris was the Bluestem Brands' Affiliate Marketing Manager, managing programs for brands including Fingerhut, Norm Thompson and Appleseeds.

He also managed the Blair.com Affiliate Program from 2001 to 2016, and worked with Blair’s paid search program from 2004 to 2016. He took on the management of the Old Pueblo Traders and Bedford Fair affiliate programs in 2013.

The Blair.com affiliate program was featured in the “premier” and Sept./Oct. 2006 issues of Revenue magazine, and Chris has been interviewed for articles in publications such as Multichannel Merchant and Marketing Today. Chris is a frequent speaker at affiliate marketing events, including Affiliate Summits East & West, Performics Client Summit and ACCM, and at local community colleges and the Ben Franklin Learning Center in Erie, PA.

When he's not living the dream that is affiliate marketing, Chris and his wife Shelley enjoy traveling to visit their 4 grown children and their beautiful grandchildren.

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