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Strategic Marketing Success: A Case Guide Aligning Business Goals with Marketing Systems

Presenter: Jenny Marofsky-Poff

Pre-recorded webinar

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Strategic Marketing Success: A Case Guide Aligning Business Goals with Marketing Systems

Are you tired of the misconception that marketing is ineffective?

Join us in this webinar where we'll debunk this myth and guide you through a comprehensive marketing case study. Discover the systematic approach we used to address the client's most pressing marketing challenges, paving the way for a strategic marketing roadmap to confidently launch their new business.

Together, we will establish clear sales objectives, delineate the characteristics of the ideal customer, forge pathways for impactful digital marketing initiatives, allocate marketing dollars, maximize time efficiency, and establish links between marketing efforts and tangible sales outcomes, thus showcasing the true return on investment (ROI) of marketing initiatives.

Prepare to shatter traditional marketing thinking as we dive into innovative and strategically creative tactics that bridge the gap between advertising campaigns and results. Gain the skills to craft a tailor-made strategy for to your business, yielding measurable results in record time. Whether it's cultivating a brand identity or fueling lead generation, acquire marketing insights focused squarely on your company's objectives, all propel smart growth.

Navigating the realm of marketing can often feel overwhelming, but with an intelligently crafted plan, you’ll be guided towards your desired destination. This roadmap is constructed on the foundation of data analysis, customer personas, exhaustive research, industry best practices, operational capabilities, and more, ensuring a consistent delivery of an authentic brand experience to both potential and existing clientele.

Topics Covered

  • Get Clear About Your Desired Outcomes
  • Align Sales Goals with Marketing Tactics
  • Identify Your Ideal Target Buyer Profile and Why
  • Is Your Brand Working for the Right People?
  • Determine a Healthy Marketing Budget
  • Define a Marketing Launch Plan

Benefits of this session

  • Understand the invaluable collaboration between Marketing, Sales, and Operations
  • Get a free tool to measure your marketing efforts

As a result of participating in this program, you will be able to:

  • Align your business goals with marketing tactics.
  • Understand who your ideal buyers are and ways to find and attract them.
  • Intelligently allocate marketing dollars.
 BONUS BENEFIT:  Get an exclusive FREE tool to measure your marketing efforts effectively.

Meet the presenter

Equal parts right and left brain, she is a compassionate marketing expert who loves data to fuel creativity. Beginning as a graphic designer, she spent years bringing designs to life and helping business owners with their marketing strategies. With a deep focus of understanding desired goals to maximize the best return on marketing investments. Agency Jen, is the culmination of her life’s work. From creating multi-channel marketing campaigns to maximizing brand exposure, Jen lives to rebuild your marketing approaches to your unique specifications — matching customers’ needs as well as internal capacities – she calls it ‘growing smart’.

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