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The Executive Guide to Generative AI Adoption Part Two

Presenter: Mike Wahlster
Presenter: Jesse Harper

Pre-recorded Webinar

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The Executive Guide to Generative AI Adoption Part Two

Only 25% of such businesses have embraced Generative AI, despite transformative impacts reported by early adopters. This session aids executives in spotting opportunities, understanding evolution speed, and grasping adoption's competitive edge.

Tailored for decision makers in small to medium-sized businesses, manufacturers, and tech firms, this two-part series simplifies Generative AI understanding with tips and resources to help you get started with confidence. Experience live demonstrations solving real world business problems using GenAI to help pinpoint and prioritize its potential applications within your organization.

Covering the fundamentals, including ideal business uses, term explanations, prompt techniques, roles, trusted sources, and tools, this guide assists senior leaders in navigating Generative AI's potential.

During the sessions, Jesse and Mike will share insightful guidance on starting your generative AI journey with simple applications, paving the way for confident scaling to customer-facing endeavors. The sessions will also incorporate interactive and engaging demonstrations of their expertise in creating specialized use cases within several business functions achieving heightened productivity and enhanced efficiency.

The goal is clarity—distinguishing AI's true value from exaggerated hype on how generative AI could benefit your small business. We aspire to assist you in removing barriers to adoption by providing valuable tips on accessing skilled talent, recommend top resources to facilitate the upskilling of your team members across diverse domains, spanning finance, engineering, marketing, design, HR, cybersecurity, and operations.

Part Two October 19, 2023

  • Use Cases for Early Stage Companies
  • Ethical Considerations
  • AI and the Law
  • Technical Implementation
  • Best Practices  
  • Resources and Tools

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Meet the presenter

Mike Wahlster, Entrepreneur in Residence | J.D. | PLS | CIPP/US | CIPP/C

Mike Wahlster, LinkedIn

Ben Franklin Transformation Business Services Network's Entrepreneur In Residence, specializing in startup coaching and consulting. Expertise in SaaS, medical devices, data privacy, IP licensing, financing, and M&A. Skilled in conceptualizing and managing cost-effective solutions while reducing operational risks. Adept at preparing early-stage management teams for financing and acquisitions. Utilizes NLP and generative AI to for responsible business problem-solving.

Meet the presenter

Jesse Harper, Entrepreneur in Residence | VP Operations & Strategy

Jesse Harper LinkedIn Profile

Ben Franklin Transformation Business Services Network's Entrepreneur In Residence, adept at optimizing company progress through strategic insights. VP Operations & Strategy at PiMios, an innovative Pittsburgh-based tactical engineering firm specializing in intelligent hardware. Expert in IoT and edge computing implementation, from ideation to commercial production. A business development executive, skilled in brand storytelling, and relationship management. Over 20 years of experience driving bottom-line growth. Known for building metrics-driven teams to achieve sustainable growth.

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