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Video Made Simple with Your iPhone - Part Two

Presenter: Chris Norris

Pre-recorded webinar

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Video Made Simple with Your iPhone - Part Two

Did you know that 5 billion videos are watched every day on YouTube? And, are you aware that videos get shared on social media 1200% more often than link or image posts combined? (source: socialmediatoday.com)

If you are not using video as part of your marketing strategy than are you truly marketing?

What if I told you that you could reach this video-centric audience with no fancy camera, lighting or production equipment? It is possible to serve your customers quality and effective video with nothing more than M&M (mobile device and a message).

In this webinar training session, Chris Norris will teach you how to tap into your iPhone’s built-in video camera to share your message, product or service with your customers. He will teach you why you don’t need a perfectly polished, highly produced video to share a compelling and effective message via video.

Through this training, you will learn the basics of iPhone video production and distribution. While measuring outcomes tied to the results you are trying to achieve in your marketing strategy.

List of Topics Covered:

  • Useful apps and tools and how to use them
  • Distribution planning: Sharing video to social media channels
  • Monitor & track your videos for measurable outcomes


Meet the presenter

Chris Norris owns and operates Revox Social, a social media consulting agency that specializes in helping businesses share their story and connect with their customers through social media. In his session titled, “Video Marketing with your smartphone” Chris will explain the importance of implementing video into your social media strategy and the outcomes you can aim to achieve through this powerful medium. He will also show you the basics in utilizing the “M&M machine” (mobile messaging) you carry with you everywhere you go (your smartphone!) to capture quality video that can tell a story or share an important message. Everything from filming to editing to sharing online, we’ll show you how to add video content to your marketing tool belt.

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