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Ecommerce Day 2015: Afternoon Educational Session Video Presentations & Keynote

Tuesday Jul 14th, 2015

The afternoon portion of Ecommerce Day 2015 that made the event even more valuable to business professionals in attendance, included a keynote by entrepreneur, author and international speaker Kris Jones, and educational sessions on a variety of topics, including new office technologies, affiliate marketing, email marketing – and more.

Don Mueser, who started the day off discussing CommScore’s Pulse of the Online Shopper report, also presented on "Cargo Insurance Insights." He explained that 76 percent of companies have experienced at least one supply chain disruption in the past 12 months. Whether it’s a theft or a disaster at sea, cargo loss results in an estimated $50 billion each year. The answer, Don says, is insurance protection for supply chains. He warned business owners in the audience not to become complacent: “You wouldn’t think of going without insurance for your home, cars or health – don’t think about going without protection for your supply chains.”

Kris Jones Keynote: The Journey of Entrepreneurship in Digital 
Keynote speaker Kris Jones has an impressive resume. He’s the founder of digital marketing services company and affiliate network Pepperjam, which he sold to eBay Enterprises in 2009, author of the best-selling book “SEO Visual Blueprint,” investor, international speaker, and co-founder of the personal and professional development company Aspirational.

During his keynote address, Kris discussed five proven strategies to business success, including getting clear on your outcome, knowing exactly what you want to achieve, and taking the “right risks”. He told the audience: “You can be a social/professional risk taker, but you need to be operationally risk averse.” He also explained that growth fuels a business, and business owners must be willing to fail & come back stronger.

Ecommerce Day 2015: Afternoon Presentations & Educational Breakout Sessions           

Ned Friar, sales manager at eBay Enterprises, presented on affiliate marketing and its value, particularly when the consumer’s journey increasingly spans multiple devices in the search for the same item. He notes that it’s hard to target those audiences with ads at the right time with the right products but says that’s where affiliate marketing can help.

Mark Tomasko, sales manager at Listrak, discussed "Email Marketing Automation, Segmentation, and Personalization,” and couldn’t emphasize enough the need for marketing coordinated between and tailored to each unique platform. He explained to attendees how to build a strategy around "Digital Omnichannel Marketing" to help acquire more new customers, sell more to existing customers, and increase relevancy.

Brad Wiertel, director of operations at VNET, presented on "Leveraging the Modern Office," and discussed how, because of new technology, organizations and employees are no longer bound by four walls and the 8 to 5 work schedule. In fact, more than 50% of small businesses have mobile employees. He noted that although technology has made many areas of our lives more efficient, the tools and services deployed in modern office environments are always changing, and talked about some of the latest trends in technologies that organizations are embracing to modernize their workflows and improve efficiency.

Stay tuned for our final Ecommerce Day blog post featuring the afternoon breakout session speakers and economic development services panel!

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