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Using Your Company Financial Statements as a Management Tool

Sure, you do your financial accounting for your taxes. But are you using the powerful information embedded within your company's financial statements to manage its life and growth? 

Ben Franklin Venture Investment Forum is presenting its next webinar on December 2, 2020, entitled, "Using Your Company Financial Statements as a Management Tool.”

  • Pre-recorded webinar

Customer Discovery in the Digital Age

Every business begins and grows based on the answer to two questions.

  1. Who is your customer?
  2. What is the problem your product or service solves for these customers?

The customer discovery process begins by querying potential customer segments and getting feedback to all the issues they bring to your attention. The insights you gain help to create ideal customer personas and value propositions.

  • Pre-Recorded Webinar

Ecommerce Returns Management Policies: How to Stand Behind Every Customer Sale and Not Lose Your Shirts

Returns can quickly make or break your bottom line in ecommerce.

But returns are far more than simply a cost to minimize. Returns are deeply engrained in the ecommerce customer experience, and they represent an opportunity to satisfy a customer who almost got what they wanted. 

During this webinar, Matt Blevins from ReturnLogic will explain how you can ensure a superior post-purchase experience through your return policy and process. He will even reveal how returns data can unlock immense value in your business via insights related to products and customers.

  • Pre-Recorded Webinar

Making a Compelling Pitch

Once you know that raising equity is the best way to fund your company’s growth, how do you do so effectively? There are a lot of ways you can shoot yourself in the foot when attempting to capture the attention of investors. How do avoid these mistakes?

  • Pre-Recorded Webinar

An Introduction to Equity Investing

As a company owner, financing its growth is your responsibility. If a loan isn’t a possibility, how about equity? If all you know about equity investment is what you’ve seen on “Shark Tank”, you’ve only scratched the surface of this method of financing high-growth companies. Whether you’re sure that equity funding is the right financing vehicle for your company or you just want to get more information, here’s a webinar that will give you some straight answers and help you prepare for equity investment.

  • Pre-Recorded Webinar

Digital Marketing: Thriving Past the Pandemic - PART 2 – PAID ADVERTISING, PPC, CREATIVE & MORE

It's the right time for taking advantage of smart ad spend and placement opportunities. Learn from Internet Marketing expert and best selling author, Kris Jones the importance of developing the right offer, for the right audience, at the right time and place and avoid spending thousands of dollars and not achieve your goals. Now is the time for getting your digital marketing and growth strategy right and be prepared to pull ahead of your competition as the world reopens for business.

  • Pre-Recorded Webinar

Digital Marketing: Thriving Past the Pandemic - PART 1: Search Engine Optimization, Content, Data

Kris Jones and Chris Nash have started businesses during tough times and, like you, feel the squeeze too. In this two part series they will share their knowledge and the most up to date information on using the most effective digital marketing channels, content, data and optimization strategies including examples, tools and tips to achieve the best results and drive demand.

The current pandemic environment will not last forever. Now is the time for getting your digital marketing and growth strategy right and be prepared to pull ahead of your competition as the world reopens for business.

  • Pre-Recorded Webinar

Managing Liabilities During the COVID-19 Crisis

Join us for this webinar - "Managing Liabilities During the COVID-19 Crisis." Tom Sharbaugh, Professor of Practice at Penn State Law in University Park and the Director of the law school’s Entrepreneur Assistance Clinic, will cover a wide range of topics related to managing commitments in the COVID environment, including loans, leases and other contracts, as well as potential personal liability as a guarantor or otherwise. Be ready to get answers to your most pressing questions during a  Q&A with Tom. 

  • Pre-Recorded Webinar

Video Made Simple with Your iPhone - Part Two

In this webinar training session, Chris Norris will teach you how to tap into your iPhone’s built-in video camera to share your message, product or service with your customers. He will teach you why you don’t need a perfectly polished, highly produced video to share a compelling and effective message via video.

  • Pre-recorded webinar

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