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Capital Call with Sylvester Mobley of Plain Sight Capital

We are privileged to have Sylvester Mobley, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at the early-stage venture capital firm Plain Sight Capital, as guest of Ben Franklin’s next Capital Call.

  • Pre-recorded webinar

Social Sales: Converting Connections to Conversations Using LinkedIn

"74% of buyers choose the sales rep that was first to add value and insight."

- Corporate Visions

In this 90-minute workshop, Brynne Tillman will give you the social selling guidance and share proven strategies and techniques including access to a library of templates and tools to use on LinkedIn to start conversations. “Social Selling” is about building rapport, providing real value, and developing credibility by being a trusted resource.

  • Pre-recorded webinar

Capital Call with Ellen Weber of Robin Hood Ventures

We are privileged to have Ellen Weber, Executive Director of Robin Hood Ventures, as guest of Ben Franklin’s next Capital Call. Based in Philadelphia, Robin Hood Ventures is a group of experienced entrepreneurs and accredited investors investing in high-growth startups since 1999.

  • Pre-recorded webinar

Guide to Digital Marketing: Gain practical internet marketing tactics and expert advice

Where do people go to actively search for answers, places, things and find solutions?

What easy to use tools help you stay connected with customers, build relationships and loyalty, and convert prospects to customers?

How do you know what marketing is working and what to optimize?

In this recording, discover the digital marketing fundamentals and tactics you need to understand to grow a successful business in today. Everyone registered also receives access to the FREE eBook jam packed with with expert advice, examples, and pro tips. to help them grow and compete.

  • Pre-recorded webinar

Get Started Creating Your LinkedIn Live Channel

LinkedIn is Taking Social Media to the Next Level!

With the addition of live video, LinkedIn has grown to be one of the most widely used business focused social media sites. The LinkedIn Live function on LinkedIn allows you to stream live video to your audience, which can expand your network and promote business growth.

In this event, you'll learn how to set up your LinkedIn Live channel and get advice on how to handle your first broadcast successfully.

  • Pre-recorded webinar

Perfect Your Investor Pitch Deck

Join Portfolio Coordinator and pitch coach Julie Bratton for this essential presentation on how to perfect your investor pitch deck. From clarifying the purpose and goals of the investor pitch, to what to include in the pitch deck to capture buy-in, Julie’s expert tips have helped hundreds of startups design and deliver a compelling case for funding.

  • Pre-recorded webinar

Big Idea Contest: Agriculture, Food & Beverage

Win up to $25,000 Cash!

Ben Franklin Technology Partners, an award winning tech-based economic development program, is looking for innovators with BIG IDEAS who are developing new products or processes in the agriculture (AG) and food/beverage industries. Examples might include a new take on drone or smart farming, soil and crop health, pest management, AG machinery and automation, robotic solutions, sensor applications, dairy management, innovative food and beverage products, packaging, processing and supply chain solutions, and more!

Apply by 5 p.m. on August 29, 2022

  • Deadline to Apply Online August 29, 2022
  • Monday August 29, 2022
    05:00 PM

Apprenticeship: One Solution to Retaining Workers in a Tight Labor Market

The labor shortage is not temporary. There has been a seismic shift in the labor market that is impeding business growth and expansion. Businesses should be aware that this is the labor market reality we will be dealing with for a very long time.

  • Pre-recorded webinar

Capital Call with Catherine Mott and Sreekar Gadde of Blue Tree Venture Fund

We are privileged to have Co-founder and Managing Partner Catherine Mott and Managing Partner Sreekar Gadde of Blue Tree Venture Fund as guests of Ben Franklin’s next Capital Call. Based in Pittsburgh, BlueTree Venture Fund is a regionally focused venture capital firm that targets early institutional investments that match the region’s technology platform and leverage the expertise within the Fund. 

  • Webinar

Drive Demand with Your Marketing Communications Plan

Part 2 of a two-part strategic marketing series

In this second session of our two-part Planning for Growth strategic marketing series, communications and media expert Erika Berlin reveals how to create a data-driven communications plan to drive awareness and engagement with customers. Following up from the first session, Erika discusses how to develop an effective communications strategy from the strategic marketing plan.

  • Pre-recorded Webinar

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