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Video Made Simple with Your iPhone - Part One

In this webinar training session, Chris Norris will teach you how to tap into your iPhone’s built-in video camera to share your message, product or service with your customers. He will teach you why you don’t need a perfectly polished, highly produced video to share a compelling and effective message via video.

  • Pre-recorded webinar

Email Marketing Fundamentals

Email marketing may be one of the oldest marketing tactics but it remains one of the most effective. In fact, email generates $38 for every $1 spent - a 3,800% ROI. If you're not connecting with your customers and potential customers through this channel, you're missing a huge growth opportunity. 

During this session, you will learn what the current email marketing best practices are, and how you can integrate this tactic into your marketing mix.

  • Pre-Recorded Webinar

The Power of Local PR: How-to leverage earned media for your brand

If your company isn't using on PR as part of its marketing mix, it's missing out on huge opportunities for boosting brand awareness and interest in your product or service. Leveraging your local media is often the easiest place to get started. Building relationships with media contacts in advance of launching your business/product is key. During this webinar, you'll learn the latest in online PR best practices. Instructor Erin Fessler, Vice President of Marketing & Community and Government Relations at The Erie Community Foundation, will cover a range of topics, including social media integration, goal setting, storytelling and more.

  • Pre-Recorded Webinar

Connecting the Dots in Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

If your company could increase its sales conversion rate at a higher dollar amount and shorter sales cycle, would you do it? These are several of the consistent benefits B2B companies are witnessing after shifting to Account-Based Marketing or ABM. What is ABM? Simply put, ABM is a strategy that directs a company’s marketing resources towards engaging with a specific set of targeted accounts. Instead of casting a wide net associated with lead-generation efforts, companies can sync their sales and marketing efforts to identify key prospects and then tailor customized marketing programs and messaging that speak directly to the needs of those target accounts.

  • Pre-Recorded Webinar

Content Marketing & How to Measure KPIs & ROI

If you’re already engaged with a content marketing strategy or are planning one, you better know how to measure success. As with most digital strategies, the data is there, but data alone isn’t enough…you must know what’s important, how to analyze it, and understand whether you’re achieving a positive ROI. Josh is going to show you how!

  • Pre-Recorded Webinar

Legal Considerations for a Capital Raise

There’s a lot to consider when you plan a capital raise, not the least of being in legal compliance. This session will be an overview of the things you need to think about and plan with your attorney. You will learn: the different types of debt and equity instruments available for raising capital; state and federal securities laws and compliance; the capital raising process; and common capital raising mistakes.

  • Pre-recorded webinar

More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Convertible Notes

Maybe you’ve heard the term, convertible note. Ben Franklin Technology Partners often uses this vehicle for its investments in companies. However, there’s a lot more to it than just being a loan. Dave Lishego of Riverfront Ventures and Innovation Works will lead us through key terms and considerations of convertible notes, their pros and cons and provide examples to illustrate these concepts.

  • Pre-recorded webinar

LaunchLink: Positioning Your Business and Brand for Success in a Competitive Market

Whether you’re developing your business plan or are running your business now, this hands-on workshop will help you develop the strong positioning strategies critical to businesses competing in crowded markets. Analyze your business competition and target customer base to identify competitive advantage and determine how best to deliver value to your customers in a differentiated way. Discover positioning strategies, create a positioning map, and articulate your positioning statement.

  • Pre-recorded webinar

Social Media Training: Intro to Facebook for Business

Join Startup Alleghenies for a two-hour introduction to social media marketing for startups and small businesses. 

  • Pre-Recorded Webinar

Affiliate Marketing Advertising and Managing for Success - Part Two

Affiliate Marketing Management is a continuous process. The most common advertiser mistakes is adopting an autopilot approach to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing centers on managing relationships. In this Part Two session, Chris provides sound advice based on his years of experience managing affiliates from attracting, negotiating, fraud management to monitoring and measuring for success.

Join Us for Part 2 of a 2 Part Series on Affiliate Marketing Advertising 

  • Pre-Recorded Webinar

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