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Chat Transcripts

Transcripts from live chats with industry experts on such topics as email deliverability, press release optimization and search engine marketing.



Email Marketing     Email Deliverability Q&A with Matt Elliot     Matt Elliot, Director of Client Services and email deliverability
expert at Listrak in Pittsburgh, PA, answers questions on
how to achieve the best deliverability for your email
marketing campaign.   
Press Release 
Justin Seibert Chat Transcript     Justin Seibert, the founder and President of Direct Online
Marketing in Wheeling, WV, answers participants' questions
on how to achieve more effective press release 
Search Engine
Kris Jones Chat Transcript  Kris Jones of Pepperjam is one of the top Internet 
marketing experts in the world.  In this transcript he fields
participants' most pressing questions about search engine
marketing (SEM).
Social Media for
Event Marketing   
Carol Wolicki Chat Transcript      Carol Wolicki, Director of Marketing at Ennect in Pittsburgh,
PA, answers participants' questions on how to tie social 
media into their event marketing efforts.

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