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Ecommerce Forum Finds

Links to ecommerce finds, shares,  presentations and content from past seminars and events.





May 19, 2016 Regional Ecommerce Day Forum  Kick-Off & Keynote Speaker
  • Welcome & Kick-Off: Cathy von Birgelen & Steve Brawley
  • Keynote speaker: Ross Kramer, Listrak Beyond Ecommerce: Ideas to Transform Your Business
May 19, 2016 Regional Ecommerce Day Forum  Ecommerce Speaker Panel  
  • Kevin Hickey, Online Stores: "How to grow you ecommerce business at 20% - best practices in marketing, sourcing, and systems."
  • Jeanne Cain, Nature's Fabrics: “How to use Family, Fabric, and Facebook to Grow an Online Business"
  • Sean Michaels, MaxBack: “How We Utilized eCommerce to Turn 41 million lbs of Trash into $32 million in Fundraising Cash”
  • Tara Ronel, SnapRetail: "Ecommerce: 4 Steps to Start Selling Online"
  • Jon Whaley, The Barn Door Hardware Store: "Multi-Platform Ecommerce" 
May 19, 2016 Regional Ecommerce Day Forum  Solution Provider Speaker Panel  
  • Don Mueser, UPS: "UPS Exports: Your World Runs on Logistics"
  • Matthew Wiertel, Velocity Network: "The Internet of ECommerce"
  • Mat Silva, RendrFX: "Adapting video content strategies for social media"
  • Jeff McCullor, Werkbot: "Optimizing Product Pages – make it easy for humans and search engines alike."  
May 19, 2016 Regional Ecommerce Day Forum Educational Speaker Sessions  
  • Tawnee Steinke, iGlobal Stores: “Facilitate Growth and Global expansion: International customers experience and how a business can increase their conversions by making that customers process easier”
  • Tara Ronel, SnapRetail: "Ecommerce: 4 Steps to Start Selling Online"
  • Bruce Burkley, YourErie: "What is GEO Fencing, GEO Targeting on mobile and How Can it Help Businesses Drive Sales? Are you ready for Digital Mirroring?" 
May 19, 2016  Regional Ecommerce Day Forum Funding Speaker Panel  
  • Kris Wheaton, QuickStarter
  • TJ King, Bridgeway Capital
  • Maggie Horne, SBDC
  • Brian Slawin, Ben Franklin Technology Partners CNP
May 21, 2015 Regional Ecommerce Day Forum Ecommerce Speakers & Panel
  • Wei-Shin-Lai – AcousticSheep: "AcousticSheep's Path to Success"
  • Claudine Thiem – Claudine's Consignment: "How a small local retailer can create and manage an affordable and efficient online store"
  • Dan Pastore - FishUSA.com: "Moving Beyond Marketplaces to Control Your Future"
  • Kathy Jones – Zippo.com: "Globalization Journey"
  • Mitch Silver – YoYoSam.com: "Growing a business in the fast changing ecommerce environment"
May 21, 2015 Regional Ecommerce Day Forum, Erie Ecommerce Day Service Provider Panel  
  • Don Mueser – UPS: "Cargo Insurance Insights"
  • John Persinger – MacDonald Illig Jones & Britton: "Cyber Security: Proactive and Reactive Measures"
  • Mike Bukowski – Tungsten: "Mobile SEO: This Time Google Means Business"
May 21, 2015 Regional Ecommerce Day Forum, Erie Ecommerce Day Educational Sessions
  • Ned Friar, eBay Enterprises: "Affiliate Marketing"
  • Mark Tomasko, Listrak: "Email Marketing Automation, Segmentation, and Personalization"
  • Brad Wiertel, VNET: "Leveraging the Modern Office"
  • Jeff Biletnikoff – YourErie.com: "Video Marketing & the Path to Purchase"
  • Sean Fedorko – Technology Council of NWPA: “Bitcoin: How does it work? Is it right for your business?" 
  • Carlo Fuda – MasonJars.com: "Global Brand Classico(R) Aligns with Startup reCAP(R) Mason Jars To Make a Perfect PArtnership"
  • Tom & Analida Braeger – Analida’s Ethnic Spoon: "Intro to Blogging: Content creation for brands & Social media strategies for bloggers"
May 21, 2015 Regional Ecommerce Day Forum, Erie  UPS Kick-Off & Kris Jones Keynote & Economic Development Panel
  • Don Mueser – UPS & CommScore Study: Pulse of the Online Shopper 2015
  • Kris Jones Keynote: The Journey of Entrepreneurship in Digital
Economic Development Panel
  • SBDC
  • Innovation Collaborative
  • Ben Franklin Technology Partnership
May 21, 2014 Regional Ecommerce Day Forum
Erie, Part I                                          
Ecommerce Practioner & Keynotes 9 Slides B2B Ecommerce Practitioners
  • Thomas Braeger - Lake Erie Systems: "Fraud is Everywhere"
  • Deborah Ross – Signal-Tech: "Growing B2B Businesses Through the Online Channel"
  • Ed Wieczorek – USNetting.com: "The Road to Bringing US Netting Back on Course"

B2C Ecommerce Practitioners
  • Andrew Rademacher - Lems Shoes: "How We Grew 300% with Digital Marketing"
  • Patrick Fitzsimmons - Luggagedesigners.com: "Ecommerce to Brick and Mortar"
  • Lisa Anderson-Salvia – Winking Lizard Pottery: "From the Kiln to Texas in a Week: A Small Business Solution to Selling Online" Mason Jars: "Selling Through Pinterest"  
 May21, 2014

 Regional  Ecommerce Day Forum,
 Erie Part II                                           
 Ecom Day Forum Expert Slides - 10 Technology Experts
  • Brian Amick - Werkbot Studios: "The Top 10 Technical Considerations for Evaluating Ecommerce Platforms"
  • Joe Kloecker - Lakeview Consulting Services: "Seven P's of Ecommerce Integration"
  • Pauline Kraus - "Adobe Business Catalyst Online Business Platform"

Professional Services Experts – Business & Operations
  • Don Mueser - UPS: "UPS and comScore: Pulse of the Online Shopper"
  • John Persinger - MacDonald Illig: "The Four Legal Issues Every Ecommerce Operator Should be Thinking About"
  • Linda Richardson - All Clear Translations: "Five Key Points to Consider When Adding Languages to Your Ecommerce Site"
  • Jeff Parnell - Erie Technology Incubator: "Omni-channel Marketing"

Marketing & Promotion Experts
  • Jeff Biletnikoff - YourErie.com: "How retargeting & remarketing using unstructured data can help any-sized company generate more leads and increase visibility." 
  • Mike Smiley - PAPA Advertising: "Content, Connectivity & Convergence: A Shared Strategy to Propel Business Growth."  
  • Joelyn Bush - reCAP Mason Jars: "Selling Through Pinterest"
 September 18, 2013 DCED on the Road in PA - Dubois  What's Working in Ecommerce Overview of:

- See proof of what works in online selling
- Manufactures are successfully moving their customers online and selling direct
- Gain insights about trends in ecommerce - Hint: the lines between publisher/seller, and seller/advertiser have blurred.- Discover strategies and resources to help you succeed
- Learn about affordable ecommerce technologies and tools


 September 12, 2013 Ecommerce Day Forum    B2C, B2B, Nonprofits,
Technology & Marketing
Overview of:
- Ecommerce store technology
- Finding and attracting customers
- Selling in multiple channels including Amazon or eBay
- Converting online sales
- Expanding your inventory and more


  Website Management  Guide for Developing a Website RFP      

This session will help guide you in a process for

developing a website Request for Proposal (RFP).            

Learn best practices that will ensure you receive

website development proposals and quotes that

will meet your requirements based

on a sound strategy.

   Website Management Website Management 101


Webinar for Pennsylvania Economic Development Assoc

on best practices for managing a website project

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